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Artist Page: Smino

Retail Albums
blkjuptr (2016)
blkswn (2017)
NOIR (2018)
Luv 4 Rent (2022)

Retail Singles
Smellin Like A Re-Up (2014)
Ciabetta (2015)
Kajun (2016)
Lemon Pon Goose (2016)
S!ck S!ck S!ck (2016)
Menu (2016)
Anita (Remix) (2017)
Pecans (2017)
New Coupe, Who Dis (2018)
Coupe Se’ Yern (2018)
Reverend (2019)
Trina (2019)
I Deserve (2021)
mister misfit but ain’t missed a fit in months (2024)

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